What to Do During Hen or Bucks Party

Before people get married, each member of the engaged couple usually throws a party with their close friends and family to celebrate their “last nights of freedom”, although of course, we don’t condone thinking of marriage as the loss of freedom! But what makes these unique events so special and worth booking?

Firstly, most people think of wild nights out when they think of a bucks party, and that can still be the case if you want it to be the guys who want to spend a night out in a prominent party location and roll back the years, knowing that they have an excuse for getting drunk and just focusing on having a great time If you feel like going down that route, you need a great location with a thriving nightlife and maybe even slightly liberal laws. Here are a few locations you could consider

  • Amsterdam: World famous for liberal drug laws, Amsterdam has a lot to offer. Most people speak English and there are great bar hotspots such as the Red Light District, along with daytime activities such as the seven flags theme park which are less than an hour away from the city. Beer and spirits can get very pricey, though.

Amsterdam - Red Light District

  • Prague: Beer, water, same thing really. In Prague expect to only be set back $1.20 for a pint of beer, and the price does not correlate with the quality. Local beer in Prague is of great quality at an even better price and makes pub crawls an absolute treat. Prague also offers great nightlife, but if you want to get smashed on the cheap, this is your destination.
  • Riga: It seems that Riga is the place to go if you want crazy stories to tell when you get back. The locals aren’t too keen on the tourism boom, and many of the strip clubs are run by the mafia. It’s a cheap destination with decent quality local beers, but not for the faint of heart.
  • Vegas: Well yeah, no list is complete without Vegas. Beer prices vary from place to place, but there is much more to do in Las Vegas. The strip is the place to be and features countless casinos where you can gamble that hard earned cash, before spending any winnings on shots. Sin City is on most people’s bucket list, so why not tick it off during a bucks party?
  • Gold Coast: A smaller city of Vegas, it’s a place where you can find all the¬†entertainments. A well-known city with beautiful beaches and resorts. At night, the city is suffused with full of clubbings and bars which are mainly located in Surfer Paradise and surrounding areas. For private function or party, you can also hire topless from local agencies to come to your place and give you an unforgettable time.

You don’t have to plan your party around alcohol and partying, though. Many people have friends, groups that have a specific passion, so an activity-based break could be perfect.

  • Adrenaline Trips: Some people just have danger as their middle name and get a rush from activities that get their heart pumping. Many travel providers will sort you out with an itinerary packed with extreme sports such as zip lining, abseiling, skydiving and cliff diving. Definitely not one for the faint-hearted, but can give you a lifetime’s worth of unforgettable experiences!
  • Sporting Trips: Many football (soccer) fans dreams of travelling to the most stunning stadiums and see some games away from their home country. If you have a group of football-mad friends, grab them and plan a trip during a weekend and catch a few games from the world’s most famous clubs. Many French and Dutch teams play on Friday nights, and Spanish sides like Barcelona or Real Madrid often play on Saturdays. The Italian leagues have the bulk of their games on Sundays, so you can plan to see as many games as possible during a short time, all whilst taking in stunning areas of Europe.
  • Relaxation: That’s an activity, right? Well, you can take your friends to a dreamy, picturesque location anywhere in the world and lay on the golden beaches taking in the sun’s rays. Nowadays there are many lesser-known locations that can cost you a much smaller amount than a tourist-heavy location, plus will often be much quieter.

These are obviously just a few ideas that you could take into consideration, but the best way to book your ideal bucks party is to decide which friends you will be taking along with you and consult with them about what would be great to do, before contacting a dedicated travel provider. These suggestions can of course also be used for hen parties as well!